Grenades Gum is an explosively, intense, sugar free gum that packs a mint blast unlike anything you've experienced before. From the moment you pop a Grenades gumball into your mouth, you'll feel the cooling mint sensation explode into a nose tingling, eye watering, mind numbing rush of pure exhilaration! Definitely not a gum for the faint of heart. With many delicious flavors to chose from, you can't go wrong, but take heed of the BLAST FACTOR ratings. You've been warned!

Grenades Gum is an aspartame free chewing gum. With five different power levels, there's something for everyone and anyone to enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Get your Grenades Gum today and experience the sensation that everyone is talking about!


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Grenades Gum - Wild Mint 30pcs Grenades Gum - Loco Lemon Slam 30pcs Grenades Gum - Grape Bomb 30pcs
Grenades Gum - Peppermint Bang 30pcs Grenades Gum - Super-Uber Mint 30pcs Grenades Gum - MelonBerry Slam 30pcs