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Chewing gum, gumballs, crystals and juicy centers. We wanted to make something different, something that people have never tried before. Chewing gum is more than just about chewing... it should be fun, exciting and an experience that you won't forget!

With that in mind, we set out on our mission of creating a unique gum that offers more. After some intense brainstorming sessions, it hit us... why not make a gum with an uber mint blast that will just blow you away? And were talking not just a few notches up, but a whole new level of minty power that will leave people speechless. It may sound strange, but think about why people chew gum. It's fun, it taste good, it helps people to focus, and probably the biggest reason is to have minty, fresh smelling breath. Think about it. After you have that cup of coffee, or that plate of yummy garlic pasta, or when you're out on a date or going to meet someone for the first time, many of us reach for that handy piece of gum or breath mint. The reason is obvious, but how many of us have to grab another mint or another piece of gum 10 minutes later? Can you imagine what a gum like ours would do for you in these instances? It's so powerful, it'd probably give the person you're talking to fresh breath just for being near you!

Hence, Grenades Gum was born; a gum so powerful that half the people we sampled it to in the final stages of R&D had tears in the eyes. Awesome!

At the end of the day, the bottom line is that we wanted to create a gum that people can enjoy, feel good about and have some serious social benefits. It certainly isn't a gum for everyone.. I mean, if you're an antisocial, recluse who enjoys the same mundane routine day after day, Grenades probably isn't for you. But if you like excitement with a bit of dare, all while munching on a gumball with so much flavor it's bursting out of your ears, then we're confident that you'll like Grenades Gum.

Grenades Gum is a sugar free gum without aspartame.